Diagnostic Tools



Digital Radiography
Our portable radiography unit allows us to obtain radiographs in the field for instant viewing. This is very helpful in cases of acute laminitis, trauma, lameness evaluations, and pre-purchase examinations. You the client are able to visualize the radiographs with us and ask questions to aid in your understanding of any pathology noted.

Ultrasound is quickly becoming an indispensible imaging tool when working with the equine species. It was mostly used for reproductive work initially, but is currently in use to evaluate tendons, ligaments, and abdominal distress, as well as some respiratory disease.

Endoscopy allows us to examine and diagnose problems in the upper airway of the horse. It can be performed to visualize the larynx, pharynx, nasal passages, ethmoids and trachea.

Complete Blood Count/Chemistry profiles
Most of our routine and non emergency laboratory work is sent out in order to decrease the cost to the client. In the case of an emergency we have the ability to run in-house blood work and obtain results within the hour.

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